Monday, June 05, 2006

"Filu e' Ferru" or "s'abba ardente"

Among Sardinian liquors, the symbol is surely the myrtle "sa murta", white and red, but now we will speak about "aqua vitae", more known with the name of "filu'e ferru".
“Filu 'e Ferru” is not a mysterious name anymore for the many people not coming from Sardinia who have sipped and appreciated it.
It is obtained by distillation of rapes; it is a colorless liqueur and with its adamantine limpidity, dryness, pure spirit and the grace of authentic marc, is a drink which is also an ancient symbol of Sardinia.
When, towards the end of the nineteenth century, heavy taxes were imposed on the producers of distillates and liqueurs, this ancient and widespread practice went...underground: its name (lit. ‘iron wire’) comes from the expedient used by clandestine distillers to hide their stocks underground, leaving only the end of a piece of iron wire (fil'e ferru) above ground in order to locate it; hence this drink's curious appellative.
It is an excellent digestive to be served in ambient temperature.


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